Mts Castor & Pollux

We have just arrived back from an amazing trip to Mts Castor and Pollux. So remote, it was a bit spooky landing there knowing it would be a 3-4 day walk out if the weather came in. We climbed Mt Pollux first, which was reasonably steep near the top, with two axes on a sharp ridge, that if you fall, you would more than likely die.  We climbed down to about 50-80m below the summit, then skied down, followed by an abseil in the middle and then back to our bivvy. Next we went up to Mt Castor, again this climb was quite steep with two ice axes. One member of our group skied from the summit and thought he might die on some blue ice, so we climbed down about 50m and then skied. As a result, 1500m of vertical climbing and skiing, it was a fantastic trip. Busy organising to go to Earnslaw tomorrow……. If we are lucky 5 more peaks……..