It’s about eight months till we set off on our mission to tackle 40-something kilometres of open-ocean kayaking and four tenuous sea pillars in a day. Time to get excited and get training!


Over Easter we headed out on our first full team recce to the Tasman Peninsula. It’s a stunning part of the world – all big cliffs, bright colours and bad-ass seas.


We jumped in the boats and braved the swell to paddle around Fortescue Bay. The size of the waves kept us away from the pillars, but we managed to get in some super rad rock routes at the Paradiso, with Cape Raoul looming in the background.


I was lucky enough to head out again the following weekend in perfect conditions, to paddle to the base of the Totem Pole and the Moai and check out the landings. But while the ocean was calm, the locals weren’t, with four big seals discouraging my presence by “playfully” nudging my boat.


Priorities for the next few months: some serious up-skilling in rock landings and seal wrangling. In the meantime we’ve got plans for some sneaky missions before the winter darkness sets in!