The North Face and AG Outdoor would like to thank all applicants of The North Face Adventure Grant 2015. The number of applications and the breadth of pursuits clearly exemplifies that the spirit of exploration is thriving in Australia and New Zealand, and we thank you for fostering this spirit.

We are pleased to announce the winner of The North Face Adventure Grant 2015, Jordan Searle, a New Zealand white-water expedition kayaker.

Growing up on the West Coast of New Zealand, Jordan Searle learned to kayak under the expertise of Bruce Barnes, one of New Zealand’s greatest expedition kayakers. Searle has been paddling for nine years, primarily on the West Coast but has also had kayaking expeditions in the USA, British Columbia, Papua New Guinea and Brazil. When he’s not out bagging first descents, Jordan lends a hand instructing and mentoring at the University of Canterbury Canoe Club and is an active member of the West Coast White-Water Search and Rescue.

“My drive is internal, I like to see what hasn’t been seen before. To experience something pristine and natural. To paddle a river never done before forces you to decide everything for the first time, setting a precedent for those who will go there after you.”

Searle is now looking to take his expedition experience and apply it to his homeland, where he expects to encounter quality white water equal to the classic white water rapids of Perth and Whataroa Rivers further up the coast. The objectives of the expedition will be revealed closer to expedition date, when Jordan and his team set up base camp for their mission and will be awaiting the perfect window between October and December 2015 when the flow, weather and stars align for the team.


“Expedition kayaking is a minority sport and I love it for that reason, there is no glory or fanfare. It is hard work, and often defeating. For that reason, it doesn’t attract droves of people. That said, there is a small group of people out there with a huge amount of drive and dedication, all of whom love that feeling of being first.”

Currently on expedition in Brazil, Jordan is exploring the South State of Santa Catarina and has achieved four first descents so far. We will continue updates on his training and preparation in the lead up to the expedition, and announce the crew and team he will be working with. Jordan and his team hope to highlight the importance, value and beauty of rivers and their surrounding environments. The expedition will be documented extensively in hopes to inspire others to achieve their own expedition goals.

The North Face and AG Outdoor would like to congratulate Jordan Searle on winning The North Face Adventure Grant 2015 and thank all the other adventurers for their applications.


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