In Ushuaia, at the southern most tip of South America, Lucy Barnard will take the most gargantuan step of her lifetime, the first step in her journey to walk across the length of the earth. Over three years, she plans to cover 30,000 kilometers, reaching the northern most point of North America in Barrow, Alaska. Impressed by the magnitude of this endeavour, The North Face and AG Outdoor are proud to award Lucy with The North Face Adventure Grant for 2017. 

In 1977 George Meegan began the journey from Tierra Del Fuego, South America to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska. In 2000 he completed an additional 500km to reach Barrow, Alaska which marked him as the first person to walk the length of the world. At the time no human had ever traversed the Americas. Today, near three decades later, the feat remains unequalled.

Born in Brisbane, Lucy grew up with two older sisters in both city and rural settings. She was introduced to endurance sports such as hiking, climbing, rowing and cycling at a young age and outdoor culture has continued to be an important aspect of her day to day life.

“I am an energetic, outdoor enthusiast who never shies from a challenge or concedes that it can’t be done. Born into an active family I inherited my love of adventure from my father who never saw limitations in the ability of his daughters. 34 years on, I am an aspiring adventure journalist building my online presence to transition into a career as a professional expedition lead, motivator and author.”

This expedition has been two years in the making and has not been without challenges. Most notably, 12 months ago Lucy was hit by a car during an endurance cycling event. She was temporarily paralysed, became aphasic, lost significant proportion of muscle mass and memory. Since then, she has worked tirelessly to regain her previous condition and improve her attitude towards caring for her physical and mental health.

“I have pushed the limits of self-determination and gained valuable skills and techniques that will support me along the more challenging aspects of the expedition. It is easier to defy odds with a community behind me, people who are encouraging and keenly await success.”


The Trip

“I cannot articulate how excited I am to receive the adventure grant! It is not without the support of the adventure community that attempts like these are possible and I could not be more proud to have The North Face and AG Outdoor behind me. Thank you.” – Lucy Barnard

Lucy will take her first step in February 2017. Stay up to date with her adventures through our Facebook and Instagram